ShapeMI: The second workshop on “Shape in Medical Imaging” at MICCAI, Peru 2020! 

We gladly announce the workshop on Shape in Medical Imaging (ShapeMI), which is held in conjunction with the conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions (MICCAI 2020) in Lima, Peru. 

The goal of this workshop continues being a venue for the presentation of the leading methods and applications for advanced shape analysis and geometric learning in medical imaging. It will provide a venue for researchers working in shape/geometric modeling, learning, analysis, statistics, classification and applications to share novel ideas, to present recent research results and to interact with each other. Today’s image data usually represents 3D geometric structures, often describing continuous and time-varying phenomena. Therefore, shape and geometry processing methods have been receiving increased attention, for example, due to their higher sensitivity to local variations relative to traditional markers, such as the volume of a structure. Shape and spectral analysis, learning and modeling algorithms, as well as application-driven research are at the focus of this workshop. In Medical Image Computing or Computer Aided Intervention, the understanding of shapes and their geometrical representations enables the modeling and analysis of organs, of anatomical or functional structures, as well as of high-dimensional structures in datasets representing population or disease data.

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