We are delighted to announce the foundation of the RISE MICCAI network, which was officially approved and supported by the MICCAI Board members. The RISE-MICCAI network aims to Reinforce Inclusiveness & diverSity and Empower minority researchers in Low-Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

Become a RISE-MICCAI member by filling out the following Google form.

We welcome everyone on board!

We never rise alone, we always rise together!


Google form link: https://bit.ly/2VMPHXc

🌎 What is the RISE about?

Researchers of under-represented origins (Latin America, South/South-east Asian, Africa, and Middle-East) who work in the field of Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Interventions (MICCAI) are barely represented in the community. For instance, the submission rate from those countries neared 4% in MICCAI 2020, where only 6 countries out of 103 had accepted papers in MICCAI 2020 —less than a 2% contribution to the accepted paper pool.

🌎 How did the RISE come about?

Informal meetings and discussions about building a community for underrepresented minorities researchers started at the virtual MICCAI 2020 conference. This has led to the idea of founding the RISE-MICCAI network with the main objective to reinforce inclusiveness and diversity within MICCAI and strengthen the presence of minority researchers in Low-to-Middle Income Countries (LMIC) in MICCAI. There is an urgent need for including researchers worldwide if we want to solve worldwide health problems (e.g., pandemics). Partly, this seems more real now than ever, and partly, this also aims at the responsibility we all have to solve such problems now that we have the competencies. Adding to that, the untapped potential is a wasted talent.

🎯 What are our goals?

The main objectives of RISE-MICCAI are to:

✔️ Propel inclusiveness and geographic diversity within MICCAI,

✔️ Strengthen the presence of minority researchers in Low-to-Middle Income Countries (LMIC) at MICCAI,

✔️ Empower MICCAI researcher in LMIC,

✔️ Pave the way for “future” research stars to rise in LMIC and under-represented communities, and

✔️ Build a strong research network within LMIC as well as across continents and different parties to help reduce global disparities in health and imaging.

🌐 Who can join us?

👉 This application is NOT restricted to researchers in low-middle-income countries. We encourage and value diversity and inclusiveness in the MICCAI community. The RISE network welcomes new members, regardless of age, gender, identity, race, and ethnicity.

👉 Please take a minute to fill out the form below and join us in achieving our goals for a more inclusive and geographically diverse MICCAI.

Islem Rekik and Shadi Albarqouni (founders)