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The requisites of knowledge: a quick mind, zeal for learning, humility, foreign land, a professor’s inspiration, and a life of long span.

Juwaini of Nishapur (d.1085)

Islem Rekik, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (lecturer)
Director, BASIRA Lab
Member of CVIP group, School of Science and Engineering, University of Dundee

Email: irekik@dundee.ac.uk

Office: 2.18 QMB

Tel. : + 44(0) 13 82 38 49 08

Address: Computing - Queen Mother Building University of Dundee, Dundee, DD1 4HN, Scotland, UK


Nicolas Georges (MSc student)

Email: n.y.georges@dundee.ac.uk

Project: How to identify the most reproducible features disentangling brain states for a dataset of interest?

Minghui Zhu (MSc student)

Email: m.y.zhu@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predicting target multiple brain networks from a source network.

Alaa Bessadek (MSc student)

Email: alaa.bess@gmail.com

Project: Discovering the morphological connectional fingerprint of brain disorders.

Nesrine Bnouni (Ph.D student)

Email: nesrine.bnouni@gmail.com

Project: Developing machine learning methods for automatic cervical cancer labeling and stratification; in collaboration with LATIS Lab, ENISo University.


Can Gafuroğlu (undergrad honors student)

Email: c.gafuroglu@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predictive intelligence for early diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Josh Corps (undergrad honors student)

Email: j.e.corps@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predicting the morphological age of the brain in healthy and disordered populations.

Rory Raeper (undergrad honors student)

Email: r.raeper@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Ensemble learning classifier for early dementia diagnosis.

Elizabeth Dryburgh (MRC DTP student)

Email:  e.a.l.dryburgh@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Investigating the functional wiring of human brain intelligence in neurotypical and autistic subjects.

Mayssa Soussia (MSc student)

Email: mayssa.soussia@hotmail.fr

Project: Network analysis for brain disorder diagnosis.

Salma Dhifallah (MSc student)

Email: salmadhifalah@gmail.com

Project: Big connectomic data analytics.

Ines Mahjoub (MSc student)

Email: ines.mahjoub24@gmail.com

Project: Developing advanced network analysis tools for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. In collaboration with ENISo, LATIS lab Tunisia.

Carrie Morris (MSc student)

Email: c.y.morris@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Computer-aided diagnosis of Autism Syndrome Disorder. University of Dundee

Anna Lisowska (MSc student)

Email: a.b.lisowska@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Developing advanced healthcare methods for early dementia diagnosis. University of Dundee

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