Dr Rekik visited IDEA lab at the University of North Carolina, USA

Dr Rekik is a former member of IDEA lab, directed by Prof. Dinggang Shen. IDEA is a vibrant and rich research environment for growth and establishing compelling international research collaborations. During her recent visit, Dr Rekik had the opportunity to learn more closely about the Baby Connectome Project (BCP), which is one of the three recently awarded Lifespan Human Connectome Projects in the United States, aiming to acquire and release longitudinal and cross-sectional raw multimodal brain MR imaging and behavior data from 500 typically developing children between birth and five years of age. BCP is led by both UNC and Minnesota Researchers for exploring infant brain development. Dr Gang Li, director of Infant Brain Mapping Lab (http://www.unc.edu/~gangl/), who contributed into developing the first comprehensive set of infant-dedicated brain MRI tools, will use these for processing BCP data.

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