Synopsis. This series of public workshops will give you insights into: (1) research and solving meaningful medical problems using computer science and mathematics, (2) knowing your brain, passion and self, and (3) implementing the best learning strategies.

During the first workshop, we will look into the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to be a research scientist? How can I become one?
  2. What are the key ingredients to stand out in a highly competitive research field?
  3. How does Engineering relate to solving medical problems (e.g. understanding how Alzheimer’s disease evolve or how an infant brain grows?)
  4. What are the similarities between your brain and the Milky Way?

Interweaving mathematics with computer science to solve medical problems and help advance our understanding of brain workings and eventually saving lives is an incredibly exciting job!

In the second workshop, we will address even more exciting questions:

  1. Can your thoughts change your brain?
  2. Are we born “gifted” or “smart”? Or do we learn how to be smart?
  3. How can you discover your passion?
  4. How “romance or being in love” changes your brain? How “imagination” alters your brain?

The more you learn about how your brain works and your awesome capacities from a scientific perspective, the more you will strive to use it and not lose it.

In the third workshop, we will explain more about the strategies of self-learning:

  1. How can you teach yourself a new topic?
  2. What are the best strategies to optimize your learning?
  3. What are the best learning techniques that wire knowledge into your long-term memory so you won’t forget what you learnt?
  4. Is repetition and going over your class notes effective?
  5. How can we overcome the “delusion of knowing”?