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The requisites of knowledge: a quick mind, zeal for learning, humility, foreign land, a professor’s inspiration, and a life of long span.

Juwaini of Nishapur (d.1085)

Islem Rekik, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the İTÜ Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering
Director, BASIRA Lab
Honorary Researcher at the School of Science and Engineering Department of Computing, University of Dundee

Email: irekik@itu.edu.tr or islem.rekik@gmail.com

Office: Bilisim ve Bilgisayar, Ofis N: 3313

Tel. : +90 212 2856782

Address: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (İTÜ) Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering Istanbul, Turkey


Ahmed Nebli (MSc student)

Email: mr.ahmednebli@gmail.com

Project: Studying gender differences in cortical morphological networks

Alaa Bessadek (Ph.D student)

Email: alaa.bess@gmail.com

Project: Developing predictive intelligence for precision medicine.

Nesrine Bnouni (Ph.D student)

Email: nesrine.bnouni@gmail.com

Project: Developing machine learning methods for automatic cervical cancer labeling and stratification; in collaboration with LATIS Lab, ENISo University.


Nicolas Georges (MSc student)

Email: n.y.georges@dundee.ac.uk

Project: How to identify the most reproducible features disentangling brain states for a dataset of interest?

Minghui Zhu (MSc student)

Email: m.y.zhu@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predicting target multiple brain networks from a source network.

Can Gafuroğlu (undergrad honors student)

Email: c.gafuroglu@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predictive intelligence for early diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Josh Corps (undergrad honors student)

Email: j.e.corps@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Predicting the morphological age of the brain in healthy and disordered populations.

Rory Raeper (undergrad honors student)

Email: r.raeper@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Ensemble learning classifier for early dementia diagnosis.

Elizabeth Dryburgh (MRC DTP student)

Email:  e.a.l.dryburgh@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Investigating the functional wiring of human brain intelligence in neurotypical and autistic subjects.

Mayssa Soussia (MSc student)

Email: mayssa.soussia@hotmail.fr

Project: Network analysis for brain disorder diagnosis.

Salma Dhifallah (MSc student)

Email: salmadhifalah@gmail.com

Project: Big connectomic data analytics.

Ines Mahjoub (MSc student)

Email: ines.mahjoub24@gmail.com

Project: Developing advanced network analysis tools for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. In collaboration with ENISo, LATIS lab Tunisia.

Carrie Morris (MSc student)

Email: c.y.morris@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Computer-aided diagnosis of Autism Syndrome Disorder. University of Dundee

Anna Lisowska (MSc student)

Email: a.b.lisowska@dundee.ac.uk

Project: Developing advanced healthcare methods for early dementia diagnosis. University of Dundee

Samya Amiri (Ph.D student)

Email: amiri.sam6@gmail.com

Project: Developing machine learning techniques for brain tumor segmentation. In collaboration with ENISo, LATIS lab Tunisia.

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